Welcome to Misty's Pearls

Live Pearl Parties, Pearl Adoptions, "Open at Home" Oysters .

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Welcome to Misty's Pearls.

Live Pearl Parties, Pearl Adoptions, "Open at home" Oysters and Sterling Silver Jewerly

Misty's Pearls is an all-new way to shop for pearls. We feature "Live Pearl Parties", Pearl Adoptions and "Open at Home" Oysters. All services are done in-house and feature shipping in as little as two days including mounting of your "Live" pearls to our Jewelry.

Find us on Facebook by Searching "Mistys Pearls" or follow this link https://www.facebook.com/MistysPearls.
As we ramp up to launch, we will be updating our Facebook page along with this site. Guests who follow us before launch with get a special "Launch Week" special. We will be launching our catalog in the coming weeks. Be sure to sign up for an account at Shop.MistysPearls.com

Live Pearl Parties

What Color did you get? #GREENVIBES

Live pearl parties take place at https://www.facebook.com/MistysPearls and are typically held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays at 9:00pm EDT. However, we may do a "Live" party at anytime. Please "Follow Us" as https://www.facebook.com/MistysPearls to get the most up-to-the-minute information on party schedule and "surpise" parties.

The cost for opening oysters during our live parties for a shuck of 5 oysters for $90 and a single shuck is $23. If you pre-order before the live event, the you can get a shuck or 6 for $90 and a single shuck for $20. We are always doing some give away during the live party for your change to win a free $10 gift card, free oyster or free jewelry. For more details, view the live party at the time of the event.

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Akoya Saltwater Pearls.

What to Expect.

Misty's Pearls use Akoya Saltwater Oysters for the Live Parties and "Open At Home". Cultured in the Akoya oyster and primarily found in Japan and China, they are lustrous and renowned for their incredible luster and are considered the classic pearl. They are smoother and rounder than Freshwater pearls.

It takes several months for cultured pearls to develop, and each has its own distinct beauty. Akoya oysters are known for developing extremely high quality pearls in a beautiful array of colors

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All Services Done In-House.

Easy Ordering and Fast Shipments.

Have you bought from other "live" parties and had to wait 10 business days before it is shipped? We do everything in-house including mounting the pearls to your Mistys Pearls's purchased jewerly. This allows us a ship all orders, including live party orders with mounting, in two business days. No mounting in your order, it ships the next business day.

Setup your account for free! Once you create an account, enjoy the benefits of tracking your order through each step of the process so you know the exact status. No more taking a picture of your email and sending it through messenger for live parties to get your pearls opened live. We know in real-time when an order has been placed and we dont need to "wait for corporate".

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